AS Media Studies


The first task in AS Media studies is to produce a piece of practical coursework. The following are some of the key pieces of information that you need to know about the practical:

  1. You must produce a successful preliminary task. This is EITHER a character walking through a door and sitting opposite another character (for film) OR the front page of a new College magazine including at least one original image (for print)

  2. You must then decide on what practical production brief you would like to create

  3. You can either produce the titles and opening of a new fiction film, to last a maximum of two minutes, OR you can produce the front page, contents page and a double page spread of a new music magazine

  4. You can work in groups of up to FOUR. Although for film based projects, any groups of four will have to work as two separate two’s in the editing stage (Four’s do not work well when editing at a single computer)

  5. The teacher will let you know the deadline although this is usually by the time that school breaks for Christmas

  6. All of the RESEARCH and PLANNING that you will produce in the lead up to the creation of the film OR magazine will need to be placed on your own individual Blog

  7. The Blog is marked out of 20 and is a large part of your grade at AS

G321 Foundation Production

G321 Foundation Production - Your Blog

Once you have completed the preliminary task, you will need to create your own blog. The purpose of the Blog is:

  1. To demonstrate all of the research and planning that you have produced in the build up to your film opening OR music magazine

Here are two examples of very good year 12 Blogs:

Beth Neave Blog
Yas Rich Blog

What should you include on your Blog?

1. Codes and Conventions of the Genre1._Codes_and_Conventions.html
2. Synopsis of Film / Detailed Explanation of Your Magazine2._Film_Synopsis___Detailed_Explanation.html
4. Audience Targeting4._Audience_Targeting.html
5. Audience Research5._Audience_Research.html
6. Regulation Research6._Regulation_Research.html
Research your production
Plan your production
8. Script (Film only)8._Scripts.html
9. Storyboards and/or Shot Lists (Film only)9._Storyboarding.html
11. Actors / Models Profiles11._Actors___Models_Profiles.html
10. Draft Pages and Design Work (Print only)10._Draft_Pages_and_Design_Work.html
12. Settings Board12._Settings_Board.html
15. Permissions for Filming / Photography and Music15._Permissions_for_Filming___Photography_and_Music.html
14. Props / Costume Boards14._Props___Costume_Boards.html
16. Test Footage for Film AND Print20._A2_Test_Footage_for_Film_AND_Print.html
17. Evidence of Manipulation of Images17._Evidence_of_Manipulation_of_Images.html
Rate your production
19. Audience Feedback19._Audience_Feedback.html
20. SEVEN Evaluation Questions set by the Examiner20._SEVEN_Evaluation_Questions.html
Self Evaluate your production
13. Location Recce and Risk Assessment13._AS_Location_Recce_and_Risk_Assessment_sheet.html
18. Shooting Schedule18._AS_Shooting_Schedule.html
3. Textual Analysis of Film Openings OR Music Magazines3._Textual_Analysis.html
7. Industry and Institutional Research7._Institutional_Research.html